Blacktown Girls High School

A Partially Selective Girls High School

Telephone02 9831 7577

A message from our Principal, Mrs Maria Trimmis

Developing young women who are independent, self-directed and inherently motivated learners is a major goal and direction for us. We aim to produce students who are independent thinkers, innovative risk takers, creative thinkers, resilient, empathetic, problem solvers and life-long learners. We deliver an education where our students’ educational experiences are holistic, real world, diverse and future focused.

We provide students with a challenging, relevant and engaging curriculum that is inclusive of all learners; designed and delivered by a quality teaching staff who are equipped to enhance the educational experiences of their students and themselves in a learning environment with strong, mutually respectful relationships.

Our school is focused on empowering staff to promote a culture of high expectations in an environment of professionalism, collegiality and support. We believe that purposeful, strategic and self-directed staff development within a professional and collegial environment will help ensure teacher quality and high standards for all members of our community. This in turn will lead to strengthened personal aspirations and enhanced learning for both students and staff.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our promotion and celebration of our cultural diversity. We foster a culture of care, respect and tolerance that allows our students to feel safe, happy and committed to achieving their best.

Our school motto is ‘the school that makes a difference’. Each and every day this can be seen in the talents, dedication, eagerness to succeed and the engagement with teaching and learning at the school by our students.

We believe that together, we have built a school community that caters to the needs and interests of our students. An inclusive school community that believes in itself and all of the wonderful things our young women can achieve. A school community that does not put barriers or excuses in the way, but one that works hard and values our students and what they can achieve. To add substance to that often repeated saying: “There is nothing a BGHS girl cannot do”.

Welcome to our school